Bitcoin Aussie System Review

Bitcoin Aussie System LogoThe Bitcoin Aussie System is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform developed in Australia in 2016. It uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze market data and execute profitable crypto trades on behalf of users.

According to the platform’s website, the Bitcoin Aussie System delivers a 99% success rate for trades by leveraging machine learning and market insights to capitalize on short-term price fluctuations. Users can earn passive income without requiring manual trading experience or technical skills.

The platform focuses specifically on trading Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies and claims to help novice and experienced traders profit in the volatile crypto market.

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The proprietary algorithm and its claims

The core of the Bitcoin Aussie System is its proprietary trading algorithm designed by the platform’s founder, Jasper Boyle. The algorithm scans the markets and leverages predictive analytics to identify profitable trading opportunities within milliseconds.

By analyzing market signals and trends, the algorithm can allegedly pinpoint entry and exit points in the market with extreme precision, leading to a purported accuracy rate of 99%. This means that out of 100 trades placed by the algorithm, 99 are expected to result in profits for the user.

Bitcoin Aussie System Review

The Bitcoin Aussie System boldly claims that this level of accuracy gives it a significant edge over manual trading and other automated trading platforms. If true, it could enable users to grow their crypto investment substantially on autopilot.

However, many experts advise claiming guaranteed profits and exceptionally high win rates with a grain of salt, as no trading system can be accurate 100% of the time.

Legitimacy Concerns

Divided opinions on the internet

There are conflicting views about the Bitcoin Aussie System‘s legitimacy and whether it truly delivers the profits as promoted. While some reviews praise the automated trading platform, others have raised concerns about it being a potential scam.

Several reviewers state the software generates consistent profits by leveraging the volatility of the crypto market. They report satisfactory experiences and recommend the platform for passive crypto trading.

However, skeptics point out that the promised win rate seems inflated and too good to be true. They warn investors to be cautious when trusting a trading system with their capital, even when endorsements seem positive.

The 99% win rate claim

The Bitcoin Aussie System prominently advertises a 99% accuracy rate for its algorithm-driven trades. However, many experts advise treating such claims with healthy skepticism, as it is realistically impossible for automated trading to be consistently profitable.

Legitimate trading systems may have a good but not perfect win rate. Consistently winning 9 out of 10 trades is rare, even among the best professional traders. Critics argue that a platform promising such an inflated rate could exaggerate its capabilities.

While algorithms can identify trading opportunities faster than manual trading, they cannot guarantee profits every single time. Losses and wins tend to even out for most legitimate automated systems.

Understanding the Bitcoin Aussie System

How the system operates

According to the Bitcoin Aussie System website, the platform’s trading algorithm monitors the markets 24/7 and leverages machine learning to predict short-term market movements. When opportunities meeting the user’s criteria arise, it automatically initiates trades.

The algorithm scans price charts, trends, trading signals, news, and other data points across multiple crypto exchanges in milliseconds. By analyzing all this data, it attempts to enter and exit trades at optimal times for profits.

The platform offers automated trading capabilities, so users do not need to analyze charts or place trades manually. They configure their account settings and let the algorithm handle trading activity in the background.

Distribution of funds and potential profits

The Bitcoin Aussie System reportedly has partnerships with regulated cryptocurrency brokers. When users deposit funds into their trading account, these brokers automatically allocate capital.

This diversification strategy spreads the risk of losses across multiple brokers. If one broker performs poorly, profitable trades from others can offset the losses.

The platform promises users can make a minimum profit of $1,300 per day from an account balance as low as $250. However, experts recommend being wary of advertised profit projections of fixed dollar amounts, as returns rely on market volatility.

Bitcoin Aussie System News

The Founder: Jasper Boyle

Boyle’s journey and vision

Bitcoin Aussie System was founded by Jasper Boyle, an Australian crypto trader and software developer. Per the platform’s backstory, Boyle became fascinated with Bitcoin and blockchain technology in its early years.

He realized the enormous profit potential of cryptocurrencies and started manually trading Bitcoin around 2013. He learned programming and developed algorithmic trading systems to scale up his trading.

By 2016, Boyle had supposedly created a highly advanced algorithm for crypto trading. After achieving consistent success, he decided to share the technology with others seeking passive income. This led to the creation of the Bitcoin Aussie System automated trading platform.

Boyle’s vision was to enable amateur traders and beginners to profit from Bitcoin just like professionals. The automated nature of the platform meant anyone could earn, regardless of their trading experience or technical know-how.

The algorithm’s development and sharing philosophy

Per the story on the website, Boyle spent years perfecting his trading algorithm before launching the Bitcoin Aussie System. He tested it extensively across various market conditions to improve its profitability.

Once Boyle achieved a 99% accuracy rate, he aimed to share the technology with regular investors struggling with manual trading. This aligned with his philosophy that profitable trading should not be limited to elite professionals.

However, experts recommend taking founders’ backstories and development narratives with a grain of salt. While they can be inspiring, the underlying technology still requires objective evaluation.

The Mechanism Behind the System

Connection to binary options brokers

The Bitcoin Aussie System is integrated with regulated cryptocurrency brokers to execute trades. These brokers provide the trading infrastructure and liquidity required for market access, trade execution, and pricing.

Working with regulated brokers can offer users security for their capital and leveraged exposure to crypto markets. However, the quality of brokers significantly impacts overall trading performance.

The platform claims to only partner with regulated brokers. But it’s unclear which specific brokers they use and whether they offer optimal services, competitive fees, and reliable performance. It isn’t easy to assess the brokers’ contribution to results without transparency.

Speed and efficiency of the algorithm

The Bitcoin Aussie System emphasizes the speed and sophistication of its trading algorithm. As per the website, the algorithm can scan massive amounts of market data and spot profitable opportunities in the time it takes a human to blink.

Specifically, the platform claims the algorithm is 0.01 seconds faster than the markets. This fractional delay allegedly gives it an edge to enter trades optimally before momentum shifts.

While algorithms can certainly process data faster than humans, experts state even the most advanced technology has limitations. No algorithm can accurately predict price movements or entirely avoid market risks. Caution is advised when trusting trading algorithms to operate profitably without oversight.

Getting Started with the Bitcoin Aussie System

Registration process

Getting started with the Bitcoin Aussie System involves a simple registration process. Users must provide their name, email address, and phone number to create an account on the platform’s website.

Phone numbers are verified via SMS code, while email addresses are verified through a confirmation link. Once primary account verification is complete, users are matched with a compatible broker based on their country of residence.

The registration process is free and quick, as per most user reviews. Critics, however, recommend thoroughly researching a platform’s brokers before sharing personal information and linking accounts.

Trading with Bitcoin Aussie System

Deposit and trading initiation

After registration, the Bitcoin Aussie System provides access to a free demo account preloaded with simulated funds. Users can test the platform’s features and sample trades risk-free before depositing natural capital.

Once satisfied with the demo experience, users can fund their account with a minimum of $250 to begin live trading. The platform accepts deposits via credit/debit cards, wire transfers, and e-wallets like Neteller.

Deposits are automatically assigned to the linked broker account. As soon as capital is received, the trading algorithm can be activated to start placing live trades.

Withdrawing profits and reinvesting

According to Bitcoin Aussie System reviews, withdrawing profits is fast and seamless. Users can reportedly start funds anytime without limits or delays. Withdrawal requests are usually processed within 24 hours on business days.

Experts, however, recommend withdrawing capital and profits regularly instead of leaving substantial funds in the trading account. Reinvesting a portion of profits can maximize potential earnings if users trust the platform’s capabilities. But capital withdrawal helps limit exposure, an advisable practice with any high-risk investment.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin Aussie System

User-friendly interface

One of the highlights of the Bitcoin Aussie System pointed out by reviewers is its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Even trading novices can comfortably navigate the platform’s features for account management, deposits, trade settings, and withdrawals.

All essential functions are accessible through a clean dashboard. Users don’t have to deal with complex menus or trading jargon. Everything is streamlined for simplicity.

The platform also provides helpful informational resources, trading guides, risk management tips, and customer support options. Usability is further enhanced by the automated trading system requiring minimal manual oversight after initial configuration.

Speed of fund withdrawal

Many reviews praise the Bitcoin Aussie System for its purportedly fast withdrawal times. According to the website, withdrawal requests are typically processed within 24 hours on working days. This enables users to access their profits faster than some competing platforms.

Rapid withdrawals can enhance investor confidence and liquidity. Users can frequently reinvest profits to compound earnings or cash out capital with minimal delays. However, experts recommend verifying withdrawal times independently instead of relying on advertised information alone.

Specialization in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

The Bitcoin Aussie System focuses on trading Bitcoin and significant altcoins instead of traditional assets like stocks or forex. This specialty makes it attractive to investors interested in capitalizing on crypto market volatility.

The platform’s algorithm is optimized for analyzing crypto charts, trends, and investor behaviors using machine learning. While crypto-first trading systems are still relatively rare, they can offer valuable exposure to the high-profit potential of digital currency markets.

Potential Earnings and Profitability

Tips for maximizing profits

The Bitcoin Aussie System provides a few tips for users to maximize potential profits and optimize automated trading results:

  • Start small – Begin with the minimum deposit and lowest trade sizes to test the waters and develop trust.
  • Reinvest profits – Continuously reinvest a share of profits to compound returns. But also withdraw regularly.
  • Use demo mode – Extensively demo test strategies and account settings before live trading.
  • Analyze performance – Track detailed metrics to identify optimal configurations and opportunities.
  • Diversify settings – Try a mix of market conditions, assets, times, and parameters to determine the ideal setup.
  • Stay updated – Regularly update the trading software to improve performance over time.

Importance of investment diversification

Experts strongly recommend diversifying capital across multiple assets and markets, regardless of how profitable a system like the Bitcoin Aussie System may seem. Concentrating the entire investment portfolio on a single platform, support, or market invariably magnifies risk.

Maintaining a balanced and diversified portfolio across various uncorrelated assets can minimize volatility and protect long-term returns. The Bitcoin Aussie System may be considered for a portion of capital, but experts do not advise allocating the entire investment.

Media Presence and Rumors

Alleged appearances on TV shows

Some online forums claim the Bitcoin Aussie System and its founder, Jasper Boyle, have been featured on popular TV shows like Shark Tank. However, extensive research reveals no proof to substantiate these claims.

There are no credible records of the Bitcoin Aussie System ever pitching on Shark Tank or any other prominent global business shows. Unsupported claims of mainstream media features should be verified before lending credence.

Celebrity endorsements and their validity

Various reviews and forum posts allege famous personalities have endorsed the Bitcoin Aussie System. However, the platform does not list any celebrity endorsements on its website.

There are also no media reports on reputable outlets about endorsements from celebrities. Therefore, all such claims of celebrity-backing for the Bitcoin Aussie System appear unreliable without substantiation from credible sources.

Mobile Accessibility

Availability of a mobile app

The Bitcoin Aussie System does not offer a specialized mobile trading app. However, its web-based platform is mobile-friendly by design. Users can access all trading functions directly through the browser on smartphones and tablets.

While a dedicated mobile app could improve convenience, the platform’s mobile-optimized web interface provides adequate accessibility for monitoring accounts and trades. Users can easily manage transactions remotely this way without being device-constrained.

Verdict and Recommendations

Mixed reviews and user discretion

Based on available information, the Bitcoin Aussie System seems to have potential as an alternative for passive cryptocurrency trading but also carries risks inherent to automated trading. Conflicting user experiences further underscore the need for discretion.

While some investor accounts showcase excellent results, unsatisfied reviews also exist. As with any high-risk investment product, users must research thoroughly, start small, and allocate capital carefully. Although leveraged trading presents opportunities, outcomes are never guaranteed.

Risks associated with auto-trading

Here are some of the notable risks associated with automated trading systems like the Bitcoin Aussie System that users should consider:

  • Algorithms are imperfect – Even the most sophisticated algorithms cannot predict markets perfectly or guarantee profits.
  • Online reviews are unreliable – Anonymous reviews often have incentivized biases, so expectations should be managed.
  • Trading knowledge required – Oversight of auto-trading systems still requires understanding their configurations, limitations, and monitoring needs.
  • Software glitches – Automated systems are vulnerable to technical issues and connectivity problems that could lead to trade execution failures or losses.
  • Loss from volatility – Markets can fluctuate wildly without warning, leading to losses too fast for automated risk management systems to react.

User of Bitcoin Aussie System

Alternative Trading Options

Automated trading on other platforms

For investors interested in algorithmic trading, there are various alternative automated trading platforms to consider beyond Bitcoin Aussie System, including:

  • CryptoHopper – Cloud-based bot with backtesting tools and a marketplace of strategy configurations.
  • Shrimpy – Portfolio automation app with rebalancing, indexing, and social sharing of configurations.
  • Cryptohopper – Cloud-based platform with pre-built bot strategies and subscription packages.
  • HaasOnline – Advanced platform with trade automation, analysis tools, and insurance.
  • Zignaly – Connects traders to external strategy providers to automate signals-based trading.

Diversification of investment portfolio

Financial advisors strongly recommend diversifying capital across multiple assets and markets to minimize risk. Potential options beyond crypto include:

  • Stocks – Investing in a globally diversified portfolio of stocks across sectors, market caps, and geographies. Low-cost index funds provide broad exposure.
  • Real estate – Own residential or commercial property directly or invest via REITs. Real estate income can offset market volatility.
  • Fixed income – Bonds, fixed deposits, and stablecoins provide regular yield and downside protection for balancing portfolios.
  • Commodities – Gold, silver, oil, and agricultural commodities help hedge inflationary environments.
  • Alternative investments – Options, futures, venture capital, collectibles, and other niche assets for diversification.


Final thoughts on the Bitcoin Aussie System and its potential

In summary, the Bitcoin Aussie System presents an intriguing avenue for getting started with automated cryptocurrency trading and passive income generation. Its purported ease of use, beginner-friendly interface, rapid withdrawals, and focus on major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are notable strengths.

However, unrealistic accuracy and profitability claims of up to 99% success rates and $1,300+ daily earnings should be taken with skepticism. No algorithm can execute perfect trades every single time. Losses are inevitable with any trading system or asset.

Approaching this platform realistically, managing risk exposure prudently, and diversifying investments wisely could help users benefit while limiting downsides. The Bitcoin Aussie System seems worth considering for a portion of capital as part of a diverse portfolio. Still, it merits extensive due diligence, as with any high-risk investment opportunity involving complex algorithms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Bitcoin Aussie System automated trading platform:

Is registration utterly free on the Bitcoin Aussie System?

Users do not need to pay anything to sign up on the platform. There are no hidden charges or fees involved in the registration process.

What is the minimum deposit amount for live trading?

The minimum deposit required to activate an account for live trading is $250. This capital provides the basis for the trading algorithm to start placing automated trades.

Can I withdraw my money at any time?

According to most reviews, the Bitcoin Aussie System allows users to withdraw their capital and profits without restrictions. Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours on working days.

Do I need trading experience to use this system?

No prior trading experience is required since the platform handles trading automatically via its algorithm. Even beginners can purportedly generate profits.

What cryptocurrencies can I trade?

The Bitcoin Aussie System currently focuses on trading the top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. More coins may be added in the future.

Can I use Bitcoin Aussie System on my phone?

Yes, the platform can be accessed from both desktop and mobile browsers. However, they do not offer a specialized mobile trading app.

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