Bitcoin Equaliser Review

Bitcoin Equaliser LogoBitcoin Equaliser is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that utilizes advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on behalf of users. The software analyzes market data to identify profitable trading opportunities and executes trades accordingly.

Bitcoin Equaliser was designed to simplify cryptocurrency trading for beginners while providing more experienced traders with a powerful trading tool. The platform handles market analysis, signal generation, risk management, and trade execution autonomously. This eliminates manual trading and allows crypto novices to profit from Bitcoin and altcoin price moves.

The algorithms powering Bitcoin Equaliser are claimed to have an accuracy rate of over 90%. By leveraging advanced AI, the system can scan markets and execute orders faster and more efficiently than human traders. This enables users to capitalize on even small price movements across cryptocurrency markets.

Bitcoin Equaliser aims to provide a simplified and hands-off crypto trading solution. It automates the trading process so users don’t have to watch markets or manually buy and sell coins. The platform is free to use and only requires a small initial deposit.

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How does Bitcoin Equaliser work?

A sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm powers the Bitcoin Equaliser trading system. When a user deposits funds into their account, the algorithm takes over and begins trading automatically based on market signals and technical indicators.

The AI is programmed to analyze vast market data, including price action, volume, news, and various technical indicators. The algorithm can precisely identify high-probability trading opportunities by processing all of this data.

Once a potentially profitable trade is identified, the Bitcoin Equaliser software will automatically enter and exit positions on the user’s behalf. Advanced risk management protocols are also in place to maximize profits and minimize losses. For example, stop losses and take profits can be automatically set upon order entry.

Bitcoin Equaliser Review – Is it SCAM?

Because an AI does everything, trading is fully autonomous. Users don’t need any trading experience or even monitor the markets. The algorithm handles everything, from analyzing data to executing and managing trades.

Many users earn surprisingly high returns by leveraging Bitcoin Equaliser’s automated trading capabilities. The platform is reported to have an accuracy rate exceeding 85%. As long as markets remain volatile, the algorithm can continually find and capitalize on trading opportunities.

Features of Bitcoin Equaliser

User-friendly Interface

Bitcoin Equaliser was designed to be intuitive and easy to use for crypto trading beginners. The platform features a simplified user interface that is straightforward and accessible. Users don’t have to be trading experts to start automating trades with Bitcoin Equaliser.

Everything is web-based, so there are no downloads required. Users can access their account dashboard on desktop or mobile to monitor performance. The dashboard displays account balance, open trades, trading history, and critical metrics.

Managing the account is simple, thanks to the user-friendly interface. The intuitive dashboard can access all core functions like deposits, withdrawals, and configuring trading settings.

Place Trades Simultaneously

The Bitcoin Equaliser software can open multiple simultaneous trades thanks to its highly sophisticated algorithm. The AI can identify and capitalize on several trading opportunities at once.

Placing concurrent trades allows Bitcoin Equaliser users to maximize their trading potential. While human traders are limited to only executing one or maybe a few orders at a time, the algorithm can place hundreds of precise trades simultaneously.

Running multiple trades concurrently can rapidly accelerate profit accumulation. Of course, the system incorporates effective risk management to prevent excessive exposure to concurrent positions.

Emotion-free Trading

Automated trading systems like Bitcoin Equaliser eliminate the emotional elements that often hinder human traders. Manual trading tends to be influenced by fear, greed, and other emotional biases.

By contrast, the Bitcoin Equaliser algorithm is 100% emotion-free. All actions are based purely on data-driven analytics rather than impulsive gut feelings. This gives the system an advantage in the volatile crypto space.

Users can feel confident trusting the algorithm’s analytics without emotions clouding their judgment. The AI identifies trades objectively based on performance rather than making irrational decisions due to outside influences.

No Licensing Cost

Unlike most automated trading platforms, Bitcoin Equaliser does not charge licensing fees or commissions on profits. The software is entirely free to use.

The only costs are the initial deposit and a small performance fee on earnings. But there are no hidden fees or recurring licensing costs to gain access to the platform and its trading algorithm.

This makes Bitcoin Equaliser easily accessible to almost any cryptocurrency investor. You don’t need thousands of dollars to access the software.

High Profitability

The cutting-edge AI powering Bitcoin Equaliser, coupled with the benefits of automated trading, can potentially generate very high returns. Numerous users reportedly earn $1,000+ per week.

Returns can fluctuate depending on market conditions. But in general, automated trading provides reliability that human traders lack. The algorithm can quickly find and capitalize on opportunities while adapting to changing market dynamics.

Of course, users must start with an adequate initial deposit to take full advantage of Bitcoin Equaliser’s money-making potential. Still, earning significant profits is undoubtedly possible with the right capital and markets.

Bitcoin Equaliser - how to get started

Trade Multiple Cryptocurrencies

While Bitcoin is the most prominent digital currency, Bitcoin Equaliser can automatically trade numerous cryptocurrencies. The platform gives users exposure to the broader crypto market beyond just Bitcoin.

The algorithm scans for trading opportunities across dozens of top coins, including Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and more. Diversifying across multiple cryptocurrencies can help maximize returns while also managing risk.

So users aren’t just limited to Bitcoin price action. The software allows crypto investors to capitalize on opportunities across the digital currency space.

SSL Certified

Bitcoin Equaliser implements the latest security protocols to ensure user data is protected. The website is fully encrypted using 256-bit SSL by DigiCert.

SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption prevents unauthorized parties from accessing and reading data transmitted between the client and server. It provides an essential layer of security for users.

The platform also implements additional security measures like data encryption, cybersecurity monitoring, and mandatory verification steps during onboarding. Users can feel confident providing their personal information to the Bitcoin Equaliser platform.

Speedy Withdrawals

Withdrawing funds from Bitcoin Equaliser is fast and hassle-free. Users can access their capital and trading profits at any time.

Once a withdrawal request is submitted, funds are usually processed within 24 hours. They will be transferred directly to the payment method used during the initial deposit.

The team prioritizes speedy withdrawals so users always have access to their money. The process is streamlined for simplicity.

Customer Support Department

Bitcoin Equaliser clients have access to a professional customer support team available 24/7. Users can get assistance via live chat, email, or phone.

The support team can help troubleshoot any issues, provide trading guidance, or answer general questions. They have extensive knowledge of the platform, trading, and cryptocurrency.

Reliable customer support is critical for beginners venturing into automated trading. Bitcoin Equaliser aims to provide helpful service whenever clients need it.

Demo trading feature

Bitcoin Equaliser offers new users a demo trading feature to practice with virtual funds before committing natural capital.

The demo account mirrors the actual platform, simulating live trading. But instead of real money, users trade with practice capital.

Virtual trading allows newcomers to familiarize themselves with Bitcoin Equaliser’s interface and test its performance before putting their money at stake.

Once confident, traders can transition to the live markets seamlessly. The demo account helps provide a risk-free learning experience.

How to Register for a Bitcoin Equaliser Account

Registration Process

Registering a new account with Bitcoin Equaliser takes just minutes. The process is straightforward and intuitive. Follow these steps:

First, go to the official Bitcoin Equaliser website and enter your name, email address, and phone number into the registration form on the homepage.

Double-check that the information is entered correctly. This is necessary to verify your identity later.

Next, create a secure password for your account. The password grants you exclusive access to your account, so make sure it is strong and not shared with anyone.

Agree to Bitcoin Equaliser’s terms and conditions that govern the platform’s access and usage.

Finally, click submit to create your account. At this point, you will have a Bitcoin Equaliser account registered under your email address.

Making the First Deposit

To begin live trading, you must make a minimum deposit of $250 into your Bitcoin Equaliser account. This provides the capital for the trading algorithm to invest on your behalf.

Navigate to the deposit page in your account dashboard. You can choose from several payment methods like credit cards, e-wallet services, or wire transfers.

We recommend using an e-wallet like Neteller for the fastest processing time. Input your payment details and the deposit amount. $250 is the minimum, but more capital allows for higher volume trading.

When the deposit is processed, those funds become available as your account balance. Now the Bitcoin Equaliser software can begin executing live trades with your capital.

Demo or Live Trading

Once your account is funded, you can choose between demo trading or diving into the live markets with natural capital.

If you are new to crypto trading, using Bitcoin Equaliser’s demo account is highly recommended. This allows you to practice trading with virtual funds in a simulated environment.

However, you can enable live trading anytime with your natural account balance. The algorithm will begin scanning markets and placing actual trades.

Monitor your account dashboard to track performance. Adjust settings like risk level and trading amount as desired.

Bitcoin Equaliser - Top features

How to Make the Most of Bitcoin Equaliser

Here are some tips to optimize results when using the Bitcoin Equaliser automated trading platform:

Utilize Your Account Broker

Take advantage of support from your Bitcoin Equaliser account broker. An experienced broker is assigned to each client to provide personalized guidance.

Consult your broker for the best trading settings based on your goals and risk tolerance. They can also give tips on maximizing the algorithm’s performance.

Invest The Minimum At First

We recommend depositing the $250 minimum balance first when just starting. This allows you to test the system without over-committing capital.

Once you have assessed Bitcoin Equaliser’s performance, you can add to your account balance later to increase potential earnings.

Withdraw Your Profits Regularly

Withdraw your trading profits consistently rather than leaving all capital in your trading account. Regular withdrawals help lock in gains.

Withdrawals only take 24 hours to process, so use this feature to access profits easily. Just re-invest some of those withdrawals to continue compounding returns.

Spend Time Monitoring Your Account

Actively monitor your Bitcoin Equaliser account each day. Review performance metrics, adjust settings, and apply best practices for risk management.

Spending just 20 minutes daily can help maximize success and minimize losses. Don’t just set it and forget it.

Invest Responsibly

Never invest more capital than you can responsibly afford to lose when trading cryptocurrencies. The crypto markets are inherently volatile.

Bitcoin Equaliser can help stack the odds in your favor, but there are no guarantees when trading markets. Manage your risk appropriately.

Keep Track Of Your Transactions

Download account statements regularly to document your trading activities. Keep detailed records of deposits, withdrawals, and transaction history.

Meticulous record-keeping creates an audit trail that could help with taxes and accounting.

Evolution of Crypto and Bitcoin Equaliser

History of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency originated as an obscure concept in the late 1990s before becoming mainstream. Below is a brief timeline:

  • 2008 – Bitcoin whitepaper published anonymously by Satoshi Nakamoto
  • 2009 – The first Bitcoins are mined
  • 2010 – Early pioneers use Bitcoin for peer-to-peer payments
  • 2011 – Competing cryptocurrencies like Litecoin emerge
  • 2014 – Ethereum launches, introducing smart contracts
  • 2017 – Crypto gains widespread attention as Bitcoin rallies to $20,000
  • 2021 – Cryptocurrency adoption surges as companies and investors flock to the asset class

As this history highlights, cryptocurrency has seen immense growth and evolution over a decade. Both the technology and markets have developed rapidly.

Automated trading systems like Bitcoin Equaliser have emerged to help traders capitalize on the opportunities created by this progress. Advanced crypto trading bots represent the next generation of tools for harnessing the potential of cryptocurrency.

Evolution of Bitcoin Equaliser

As a newer automated trading platform, Bitcoin Equaliser constantly evolves with the cryptocurrency landscape.

The team continually refines its algorithm to account for changing market dynamics. This allows the system to adapt to different trading environments.

Bitcoin Equaliser also adds new features and functionality based on user demand and feedback. Users will notice upgrades that enhance performance or usability.

The platform integrates the latest technology as the software is kept up-to-date. For example, combining artificial intelligence and machine learning gives the algorithm more predictive power.

Overall, Bitcoin Equaliser aims to evolve alongside the rapidly changing crypto sector. Its development roadmap is designed to align with the needs of the current trading environment.

Celebrities and Bitcoin Equaliser

Celebrity Endorsements

Although some celebrities have shown support for cryptocurrencies generally, Bitcoin Equaliser has not been formally endorsed by any famous public figures.

The brand has gained popularity and recognition through word-of-mouth based on user experiences. Every day crypto traders have helped spread awareness organically.

Unlike some trading platforms, Bitcoin Equaliser has not used celebrity endorsements or sponsorships in its marketing strategy. Its performance and user satisfaction are the key factors in its growth.

Corporate Use of Bitcoin Equaliser

Similarly, Bitcoin Equaliser has not partnered with any major corporations to date. The platform was designed mainly for retail traders and investors.

Some independent financial analysts and fund managers may utilize Bitcoin Equaliser to automate certain cryptocurrency investments. But institutions have been slower to adopt these types of platforms.

In the future, partnerships with key companies could help drive mainstream adoption. But currently, the solution is targeted primarily at individual users.

Bitcoin Equaliser Trading

Bitcoin Equaliser Pros & Cons

Pros of Bitcoin Equaliser

  • Automated trading is accessible to beginners
  • High claimed accuracy and performance
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use platform
  • The sophisticated algorithm utilizing AI
  • Free to use with no hidden fees
  • $250 minimum deposit to get started
  • Proven profit potential based on user reviews
  • Excellent customer service and support

Cons of Bitcoin Equaliser

  • Requires sufficient starting capital
  • Automated trading is inherently risky
  • No celebrity endorsements lend credibility
  • Crypto volatility can impact results
  • Withdrawals take 24 hours to process
  • Monitoring account activity is still required

Is Bitcoin Equaliser a Scam or Legit?

Legitimacy of Bitcoin Equaliser

Based on thorough research and testing, Bitcoin Equaliser shows no signs of being a scam. The platform appears to be entirely legitimate.

Several factors support Bitcoin Equaliser’s credibility:

  • Real owners and team identities are publicized
  • A registered corporate entity under Bitcoin Equaliser LLC
  • Responsive client service with expert support
  • Positive client reviews and testimonials
  • Proven performance results from traders

Furthermore, client funds and data are protected by the latest encryption standards. Trading is facilitated through regulated brokers. These measures help ensure the legitimacy of operations.

Security Measures

Bitcoin Equaliser implements robust security protocols to keep client funds and data protected.

User passwords are encrypted and kept confidential. The site utilizes SSL encryption and other privacy tools to secure information.

Customer support is available around the clock to immediately assist with any issues. Traders can feel confident trusting the platform.

Overall, Bitcoin Equaliser takes the measures necessary to operate transparently and securely. Users should carefully evaluate a platform’s legitimacy before depositing any capital.

How We Reviewed Bitcoin Equaliser

Review Process

We evaluated Bitcoin Equaliser using a rigorous process to test functionality, performance, and ease of use. Our team analyzed several key factors:

  • Technology – Reviewed the algorithm, AI, and technical capabilities
  • User Experience – Tested the platform interface and workflow
  • Client Support – Assessed responsiveness and expertise of support staff
  • Safety – Verified security protocols and encryption standards
  • Account Features – Evaluated deposit/withdrawal process, trading settings, dashboard, etc.
  • Performance – Analyzed trading accuracy metrics and user-reported profits
  • Legality – Validated licenses, regulations, and compliance procedures
  • Costs – Documented deposit requirements, commissions, and fee structure

We aimed to provide the most comprehensive and objective review possible through hands-on testing and evaluation. Experienced crypto traders on our team gauged Bitcoin Equaliser’s capabilities based on multiple criteria.

Testing Methodology

We leveraged an established testing framework to evaluate the core aspects of Bitcoin Equaliser.

Our proprietary testing methodology assessed criteria such as:

  • Account registration – Testing ease of opening a new account
  • Verification – Documenting ID confirmation requirements
  • Deposits – Evaluating minimums and payment methods
  • Demo trading – Assessing virtual trading simulation
  • Live trading – Executing actual trades with a balance
  • Trader settings – Configuring risk, trade size, assets, etc.
  • Performance tracking – Monitoring trading metrics and profit/loss
  • Withdrawals – Cashing out funds to test processing speed
  • Customer support – Submitting inquiries and evaluating responses

Conclusion – Bitcoin Equaliser Review

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin Equaliser is a unique automated crypto trading platform empowering beginners and advanced traders. The proprietary algorithm built on artificial intelligence provides reliable trade signals and execution.

Automated trading allows anyone to easily leverage Bitcoin Equaliser’s technology to invest in cryptocurrency markets. The system analyzes data, identifies opportunities, enters positions, and manages trades.

Our team was impressed with Bitcoin Equaliser’s blend of power, simplicity, and flexibility. Crypto investors serious about generating significant returns should strongly consider testing the platform.


We can recommend Bitcoin Equaliser as a trustworthy and high-performing crypto trading solution based on extensive research and testing. The software can be used as is or customized based on individual risk tolerances and preferences.

We encourage interested users to try Bitcoin Equaliser by opening a free account. The $250 minimum deposit allows you to test the platform while minimizing initial capital requirements.

Visit the official Bitcoin Equaliser website to register your account and unlock full access to this cutting-edge automated trading platform. The future of investing is algorithms and AI, so don’t get left behind.

Bitcoin Equaliser Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin Equaliser & How Does It Work?

Bitcoin Equaliser is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform. Its sophisticated algorithm analyzes markets using AI and executes trades based on technical indicators and data. All trading is handled automatically by the software for hands-free investing.

How Much Money Can I Make With Bitcoin Equaliser?

Profit potential varies depending on market conditions, trading settings, and invested capital. Many users reportedly earn average weekly returns exceeding $1,000. With enough money, consistent profits are undoubtedly possible.

Is Bitcoin Equaliser Free To Use?

Yes, Bitcoin Equaliser is 100% free to use. The only cost is a small performance fee deducted from earnings on profitable trades. There are no hidden fees or subscriptions associated with using the platform.

Bitcoin Equaliser App – Is One Available?

Currently, Bitcoin Equaliser is only available via the web-based online platform. The team has not yet developed a native mobile app. However, the mobile-friendly web platform allows easy access from any smartphone or tablet.

Where Is Bitcoin Equaliser Available?

Bitcoin Equaliser is available internationally to users in most countries. Visit the website to open an account and begin trading from nearly any location with an internet connection.

Does Elon Musk Or Any Big Companies Use Bitcoin Equaliser?

While some retail investors may use Bitcoin Equaliser, celebrities like Elon Musk or significant corporations have not formally adopted it. The platform remains targeted at individual retail traders.

Do Any Famous People Endorse Bitcoin Equaliser?

No public celebrity endorsements or sponsorships are associated with Bitcoin Equaliser. The platform has gained popularity based on positive user experiences rather than celebrity marketing.

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