Coinbase Launches Crypto: Moving America Forward Campaign!

• Coinbase has launched a new Advertising Campaign, called ‘Crypto: Moving America Forward’ in order to highlight the importance of Cryptocurrency in the US.
• The campaign is aimed at informing people about the potential of Crypto Technology to transform the global financial system.
• A recent report by Electric Capital highlighted that the US could miss out on significant technological and economic opportunities because of its regulatory stance on digital assets.

Coinbase Launches New Advertising Campaign

Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange in the US, has rolled out a new marketing initiative that puts the spotlight on crypto technology’s transformative potential for the global financial system. The national advertising campaign, Crypto: Moving America Forward, will be aired on popular Sunday shows and will feature new chapters each weekend featuring Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong.

Highlighting Importance of Cryptocurrency

The aim of this campaign is to emphasize how cryptocurrency can play an important role in both economic leadership and national security for America if it embraces technology such as digital assets. It also suggests that other countries, including China, are making significant progress with this technology which means that if America wants to stay competitive it needs to take action now.

Report By Electric Capital

A March report from venture capital firm Electric Capital further detailed that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies have great potential to fundamentally change money, the financial system, and even the internet more broadly; yet due to lack of regulation in America it could miss out on these opportunities. This further highlights why it is so important for America to adopt crypto technology sooner rather than later.

Ads Featuring Brian Armstrong

The ads featuring Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong will be aired across popular Sunday shows and will feature new chapters each week discussing different aspects of cryptocurrency adoption across America. This serves as another reminder of why action needs to be taken now if we want our country to remain competitive with others who are already embracing this technology wholeheartedly like China.


In conclusion, Coinbase’s new advertising campaign serves as a reminder of why it is so important for America to embrace cryptocurrency if we want our country to remain competitive with other nations who are already making great strides in utilizing this revolutionary technology. It also showcases how vital cryptocurrency can be for economic leadership and national security within our nation if we act soon enough!

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