Crypto Investor Greed Hits New High – Fear & Greed Index Reaches 68

• Crypto investors are becoming more greedy as the price of Bitcoin breaks the $28,000 resistance.
• The Crypto Fear & Greed Index has now returned to levels not seen since November 2021.
• This sentiment analysis shows that investors are looking favorably toward the market, which could lead to higher prices for Bitcoin.

Crypto Investor Greed Reaches New Highs

Crypto investors are becoming increasingly greedy with the price of Bitcoin breaking the $28,000 resistance. The Crypto Fear & Greed Index has now returned to levels not seen since November 2021, indicating a surge in investor optimism and risk-taking behavior.

Fear & Greed Index Reaches 2023 High

The Fear & Greed Index has finished 2022 in Extreme Fear territory, but since 2023 began it has been on a slow but steady uptrend. On Tuesday, it hit a new high of 68 – closer to ‘Extreme Greed’ than ever before – signaling that investors are feeling very confident about their investments in crypto assets at this time.

Will Bitcoin Rally Following Positive Sentiment?

When the Fear & Greed Index enters into greed territory (53-100), it usually means that investors are more likely to take risks with their investments due to increased optimism in the market. Therefore, there is a possibility that Bitcoin will continue its uptrend and possibly break the $30,000 resistance as more money flows into crypto markets from optimistic investors. However, there is also a chance that periods of high positive sentiment can signal a top similar to what happened back in November 2021 where prices dropped after peaking at all-time highs.

New Opportunities for Crypto Investors

With crypto investor sentiment reaching higher levels than ever before there are new opportunities for those interested in investing or trading digital assets. Some platforms like Wild give users access to exclusive bonuses and free spins when they make deposits into their account – allowing them to maximize their profits from cryptocurrency markets even further!


Crypto investor sentiment is currently at historically high levels according to the Crypto Fear & Greed Index which indicates an increase in risk-taking behavior amongst traders and investors alike. This could mean that we see further upward momentum for Bitcoin prices as more liquidity enters into crypto markets following favorable investor sentiment readings. However, there is always a chance of reversal if periods of extreme greed signal an upcoming top so traders should remain cautious when entering positions on digital asset markets right now!

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