Rollbit Crypto Casino Flies High After Ethereum Migration!

• Rollbit, a crypto casino and exchange platform, completed its migration from Solana (SOL) to Ethereum (ETH) on June 28th.
• The project’s native token, Rollbit Coin (RLB), has since experienced a 230% increase in value and 3,059% increase since the start of the year.
• Rollbit offers gambling services including NFTs and leveraged trading; it also allows users to become liquidity providers directly on the platform.

Ethereum Migration Boosts Under-the-Radar Crypto Casino Project

The little-known blockchain casino project Rollbit experienced incredible growth recently after completing its migration from Solana (SOL) to Ethereum (ETH). On June 28th when the migration was complete, the project’s native token – Rollbit Coin (RLB) – immediately experienced an impressive 230% increase in value compared to its pre-migration price. Additionally, this token has increased in value by an astonishing 3,059% since the start of 2023!

Rollbit Services & Features

Rollbit is more than just a crypto casino – it also provides users with access to sports betting and non-fungible token (NFT) gambling services. The platform also offers its users leveraged trading capabilities as well as direct access to become liquidity providers on the same platform itself. This added feature was rolled out by Rollbit in May and has been highly requested by users ever since.

All Time Highs for RLB Token

Since completing its migration from Solana earlier this month, RLB tokens have reached all time highs at around $0.0695 per coin at time of writing. This marks an incredible success story for both Rollbit and their native cryptocurrency – especially considering how far they’ve come since January 2023 when these tokens were trading at around $0.0022 each! Altogether, it’s clear that this under-the radar crypto casino project is proving itself incredibly successful following their move onto Ethereum’s network.

What Does the Future Hold?

It remains unclear what will happen next for Rollobit or their RBL token but given recent performance there appears to be plenty of potential for further growth moving forward. For now however it seems that investors are happy with current returns so we should expect prices remain stable while everyone waits to see what happens next!


In conclusion, we have seen extraordinary growth for both Rollobit and their native cryptocurrency RBL following their move onto Ethereum’s network earlier this month on June 28th . Prices have already hit all time highs at $0.0695 per coin marking an impressive success story for this under-the radar crypto casino project! We will have to wait and see if these gains can continue into future months but for now investors appear satisfied with current returns so prices should remain stable while everyone awaits what happens next!

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